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Young At Heart Ministries

1 Timothy 5: 1,2

If you have reached that 40's and up mark this ministry is perfect for you! God is not done with you yet! we do not believe in "I'm to old" There is something for all ages to do in building the kingdom of God!

From the Seat to the Street

Outreach Ministries

Luke 14: 15- 23

Here at S.A.P.W. C. We enter to Worship and we depart to serve. IT TIME TO GO!

Different Beat

Dance Ministries

Psalm 149: 3

For those that just can't help themselves and want to express how they feel about God in the arts of worshiping in the dance and Flags. We are so interested in you. We invite you to come Join us today!

We've changed partners!

 Praise and Worship Ministry

Here at S.A.P. W. C. It's about the heart of worship as the songwriter pined it I'm coming back to the heart of worship and it's all about you Jesus. I'm sorry Lord, for the way I made it cause it's all about you, Jesus. Let Him take you back to where you first Believed! In your praise and worship. Remember it not about you.

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